Excited to have partnered with the good people of Dallrae Music for licensing.  Check out


Our Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist is also a composer and has been nominated in 2 categories for the Detroit Music Awards. 

Outstanding Classical Composer and his songs “Charade” and “Nemesis” have been nominated for Outstanding Classical Recording. 

He’s very excited about it as he says “It’s kind of nice to know that you don’t suck at doing what you love to do”  lol

Check out some of his stuff here:


We’ve been hard at work, developing new material.

Along with our other recent additions (Sucker Punch, Spell) we are really diving into some brand new material.  “Invincible”, “The Venom” and “Why We Talk To Walls” all have different stylistic beginnings and it will be interesting to see how the band molds those styles into the RTR standard they have set. 

Excited to get to work.  No time for the snooze button today!